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My Stories and Journey to Creative World

Unexpected Journey to Spirituality 

My journey began with a strange yet familiar voice, mysterious and powerful, during the day, at night, and in certain moments of solitude.

I wasn’t sure if that’s where I regularly get my inspiration from. "It’s time to go," echoed in my head, and as always, I trusted my intuition; that was no coincidence.

Driven by unanswered questions and curiosity to explore, I embarked on a unique journey, leaving behind all my work, switching off social media, and no more socialising.

"What is LOVE" was what I most wanted to explore on this journey.

In this era filled with power and control, love is the most missing portion of energy in our world, immeasurable yet meaningful. 
Love cannot be defined by a fixed answer, and it leaves infinite space for us to shape the purest form of love itself.

Even if no one could tell what is more fulfilling, the pursuit of love is an excellent example of what creating is.


Perhaps love itself has always been there, waiting for you to feel it, and you just need to take a small step forward.

And thanks to this familiar voice, my remaining courage was empowered.
No more tiring socialising and unnecessary electronic devices.

Life was simple, plain, yet quite fulfilling, making it possible to explore my inner self from one place to another.

Just like that, one year and summer were gone, and there seemed to be no significant changes in my surroundings; the city and countryside looked the same, the lights at night were still very irritating, and yet songs on my playlist could still resonate with me.

I have changed, and I am still the same.

I have changed because I am no longer attached to whether people around me have changed.

Yet, I still care whether the world is gradually improving and whether people have stepped on the path to pursuing love, pure love, feeling it, walking towards it, and embracing it.

This summer, I seemed to have found the answers to "What is LOVE."

Of course, there are no fixed answers to love itself.

Love, to me, is the SOURCE of CREATION and the beginning of EVERYTHING.

As a creator, that’s the reason I wanted to share this unexpected journey.

Here is how I would interpret LOVE. 
It comes in various forms of love that I have experienced.


CyCy is a creator_edited.jpg


CyCy is a creator_edited.jpg


CyCy is a creator_edited.jpg



Love is the heartbeat.
It is the moment when each pulse hits your soul, and you can’t help dancing.

Love is energy.
It is the sweet vortex of electricity from eye contact that flows into your heart.

Love is tacit understanding.
It is telepathy that explanations seem necessary, but no word is needed. 

Love is trust.
It is the hormone that acquiesces to spontaneously small willfulness and impulsiveness. 

Love has boundaries, narrow like a swimming pool, for it cannot accommodate everything but you. 
Love is also boundless, like the vastness of the Universe, and it tolerates all your shortcomings.

Love can flow like a small river, a stream, smooth and gentle, or rage like ocean waves, passionate and wild.

Love is diverse but also unique.
It can’t just be copied and pasted.
Manipulation is not tolerated.
Imitation is unacceptable.

No words could precisely describe what love should be like, yet it gives you room to fantasise about all possibilities, 
such as orange soda, sweet and sour, refreshing and crisp, but it can’t tolerate any aromas of tangerine. 
Or Yamazaki whiskey, with rich flavours and a spiralling taste impact, ice cubes will only dilute its aromas.

Love is pure.
It has never been a burden and has nothing to do with manipulation.
It is your soulmate living within you, growing up with you, heart to heart and hand in hand, on the road of life.

Love is soundless, but it can echo.
Love is colourless, but it can paint for you, one, two, and more.

Love is eternal.
It is the beautiful moments witnessed by heaven, earth, galaxies, stars, sun and moon.
It is the imprint deep in your soul and mine.

Love is a natural power station, the spark that ignites everything, the energy bar that radiates life.
It gives you strength,

helps you get started,

and provides you with shields of energy

infinitely, endlessly, and eternally.

Love created this world.
Love is the SOURCE of creation.

We are LOVE.
Everyone is a creator.

And I am ready to step on a new path to

creating from what we’ve explored,

creating possibilities of the unknown,

with LOVE,

in my pursuit of LOVE.


CyCy's back to create!

I'm BACK to create, with love, as always!

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