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Dare to Cheeeese Every Moment

The Challenge

When I was tasked with this project, Cheeeese wasn’t there yet, and the product was still under development. 
The demand for dental care products is rapidly increasing. However, the dental care industry is also facing unprecedented levels of competition. So how to set them apart from other big and small players?
The major challenges were straightforward: the products, the brand's essence, and the service. 
Another key to a successful brand strategy is to build a scalable brand that can grow sustainably. This made the concept building even more challenging.

The Results

Opportunities lie in challenges. 

I created Cheeeese from scratch with the concept of “Dare to Smile.”

I was inspired by “Say cheese” – a photographer’s simple way to encourage people to smile before taking a photo.

Merging with the initial concept—Dare to Smile, Dare to Cheeeese is a unique approach reflecting the brand image and the mission. It perfectly imprints the brand’s DNA, shaping a unique and outstanding character. 

As a brand name, Cheeeese naturally reflects a smile that organically links to dental products. Cheeeese (Smile) is a universal language.

It encourages a confident smile. It empowers everyone to Dare to Cheeeese (Smile) Every Moment. It gives people the invisible power to be optimistic. It’s a silent power that can make more smiles brighter.

From the date Cheeeese was born, it has walked down the path to encourage global audiences to smile freely every moment. 

This is the story of how Cheeeese was created.

My Recipe for Successful Brand Strategy

Cheeeese home page.jpeg

Web Design

I pictured and created the web with a feeling of CHEEEESE.


The scenario-based layout, the tone of voice, and the content are the key elements to embody the character— Your Oral Care Companion.

Key Takeaways

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